Citizen Advocates for Constitutional Defense

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About Us

An education and informational organization committed to providing discussion, education and most importantly a voice to our fellow citizens by standing up for the protection of all of our constitutional rights.

Founding Date
Our group formed January 29, 2013 and look forward to winning the fight for years to come.

Mission Statement
Our mission is the power of knowledge. We believe it is of utmost importance to educate the people through discussion. Additionally we will strive to cast our voices to the most important people to ensure our constitutional safety.

A meeting will be held once a month at a public location still to be determined. Become a member for free! Being a member entitles your voice to be heard and allows us to strengthen from the ground up and become a respected figure. Email us with membership requests or just sign up for free and we will look forward to working with you to protect our futures.

Where our support goes...Together, beside the American people.

General Information
Presidents: Greg Soucier, Jeff Eaton
Vice President: Craig Fijal

Citizen Advocates for Constitutional Defense
56 Oak Dr.
Plainfield CT 06374