Citizen Advocates for Constitutional Defense

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Current Legislator Letter

Look below to read our most current legislator letter. Read what the Representatives are going to read.


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Dear Representative,

     Last week Governor Dannel P. Malloy allowed and encouraged a despicable atrocity of a bill to pass into the law books. This unconstitutional law instantly and negatively affected every non violent law abiding citizen in Connecticut. If you voted against this bill the law abiding citizens applaud you. However if you voted in favor of this bill the law abiding citizens are completely disgusted with your decision.

     As an elected official representing all of the Connecticut residents how could you have allowed a bill like this to pass with your vote. Rest assured that this unconstitutional bill will be fought with excessive force from every gun owning citizen. With impending action, we (CACD) will support those who will fight to get our rights back in the state of Connecticut court of law.

     Expect to hear from us at least once a month with our collaboration of the voices of our fellow citizens. Our group grows by the day and will be an active fighting force in the war at home. We CACD are the voice of those less outspoken and we feel it is our duty to make sure that you hear them.

Thank you for your time,


Citizen Advocates for Constitutional Defense


Greg Soucier, Jeff Eaton

Vice President

Craig Fijal

CACD Members